About Cornerstone

Cornerstone is a new beginning for low income single mothers and/or pregnant woman with small
children whose education was delayed or interrupted. We encourage the woman to grow a vision
to succeed regardless of the obstacles that may have been put in their path. These mothers face
tremendous challenges that can have a profound impact on their children. The struggle to provide a
stable home and necessities such as food, clothing, shelter, and childcare can be overwhelming. The
Cornerstone program will allow the mom an opportunity to focus on education, the future and a better

The Cornerstone facility is a large home in Plano,IL. The beautiful grounds are gated with several acres of peaceful land, towering trees, a summer vegetable garden and stone fence. Residents live as a community, supporting each other and are also able to find a quiet place on the grounds and in the home too. The home is spacious and comfortable and rich with history.



Our mission is to assist single mothers and/or pregnant woman who are low-income or homeless, step
out of the cycle of poverty and into a future of success, through the facilitation of education.

How do we achieve this?

Cornerstone will assist in providing:

  • A loving Christian home environment in which staff, and volunteers will tutor, mentor, and foster Christian relationships and parenting skills so the mom may feel safe and concentrate on school and raising her child in a safe, secure environment
  • Transportation needs to and from an offsite daycare (currently LOVING ARMS CHRISTIAN DAYCARE in Owsego,IL) while mom is in school or at work
  • Scholarship programs through Waubonsee Community College and Cornerstone in order to help aid in the resident’s educational costs
  • A transition/exit period in which the resident will work on securing housing when she is nearing the completion of the program
  • A faith filled prayer life including daily prayer and weekly mass which will empower the young moms to be the woman God intended them to be